Лист 1

Now Depositphotos Inc. is investigating blockchain technologies for his applications. We consider a project Klatz which uses private blockchain for own needs.

Also, we are going to obtain some expertize in blockchain technologies. Some contribution to existing blockchain projects would be good for us.

Our core application based on an old Clashot project. Small description how it works may be found on clashot.com. We plan to use inside project our own cryptocoin KLZ. Also, we want to implement a simple exchange service for cryptocurrencies and KLZ. Also, we want to implement copyright blockchain for saving photo/video hashes in a blockchain.

Now we are going to implement 3 blockchains. They are core blockchain for actions and formulas, blockchain for exchanging cryptocurrencies and copyright blockchain.

As we see, blockchain for actions and formulas gives nothing to Tendermint community. It contains our special rules for actions and prize distribution between users.

Exchange service gives bid/ack functionality for coin module from Cosmos SDK. Also, it might implement some oracles for another blockchain network like Bitcoin and Ethereum for importing/exporting transaction data and crediting funds.

Authorization blockchain contains common functionality for hashes and owner. It also would be implemented as a Cosmos SDK module. Anchoring authorization blockchain Merkle's tree roo hash in another blockchain network would be also a useful Cosmos SDK module for Tendermint community.

Maybe some of the listed below functionality is implemented in Cosmos SDK. We did not dig very deep inside Cosmos SDK. Also some consulting will be very useful for us. Cosmos SDK is not documented quite well. And your architecture vision and sense will be important.